About Display

The heart rate is not displayed

Data has not been updated.

Fat-burning zone is not updated

  • Fat-burning zone is calculated based on Age, Gender and Weight.
    It, however, will take a time to reflect a calculated fat-burning zone.
    When weight or age is changed, the change is not reflected immediately, and the data that has been revised on a smartphone is saved on the device only when updating the data. After this, the fat-burning zone will be updated when the data measured on the device is uploaded to the server.

Notification such as e-mail and calendar are not linked

  • Verify the Notification Settings of the application
    Notification settings →
  • Check for iOS settings
    Select Settings>Notification Centre and make sure Display in the Notification Centre for e-mail and Calendar is ON
    * The notification by e-mail and schedule must be specified in the settings for Notification Centre in iOS.