Heart rate zone and exercise intensity

PULSENSE reads and records your heart rate from the changes in light reflected through your blood vessels. As you exercise, your heart rate will increase. The thresholds for these heart rate zones are based on a percentage of your maximum heart rate. PULSENSE automatically tracks this and tells you what zone you are in.

  • 0 - 40%
    Low-intensity exercise suitable for warm-up or cool down.
    moderate walking
  • 40 - 70%
    Fat burning zone
    Mid-intensity exercise for more efficient fat burning.
    Brisk walking, Jogging
  • 70 - 80%
    Aerobic zone
    Mid to high-intensity exercise that can be sustained over a period of time. Optimal cardiovascular training.
    Low-intensity running
  • 80 - 90%
    Anaerobic zone
    High-intensity exercise that can only be sustained for a short period. Improves anaerobic capacity and threshold.
    Moderate-intensity running or sprinting
  • 90 - 100%
    Maximum intensities
    Max-intensity exercise that can only be sustained for short bursts. Used by athletes for specific targeted training.
    High-intensity running

Monitoring and managing your heart rate while exercising makes it much easier to maximize your effort and use that time most effectively.

Fat burning efficiency, and Exercise intensity.