Your First Steps


Download and install the PULSENSE View app from your app store.
To use PULSENSE, register an account with Epson sensing services.
Launch the application and follow the on-screen instructions.

  1. Registration


    Click the Create an account button on the Login screen of the PULSENSE View App.

  2. Create an account

    Create an account

    Create a PULSENSE account.

  3. Enter confirmation code

    Enter confirmation code

    Open the email delivered to the email address that you entered.
    Enter the confirmation code stated in the email.
    Access the code and complete your registration within 30 minutes after the email is delivered.

  4. Profile Settings

    Profile Settings

    Enter your profile on the Profile screen.

  5. Connection


    After you've created an account, connect your PS-100 to your smartphone.
    To Smartphone connection→


The process of connecting a smartphone and PULSENSE via Bluetooth is known as pairing.

  1. Confirming Bluetooth status

    Confirming Bluetooth status

    Please confirm that Bluetooth is turned on in the settings menu of your smartphone.

  2. Charge your PULSENSE

    Charge your PULSENSE

    Connect your PS-100 to the cradle to charge the battery, then remove it when the LED turns blue (fully charged).

  3. Selection of devices

    Selection of devices

    Select the device to be connected to the smartphone.

  4. Pairing your device via Bluetooth

    Pairing your device via Bluetooth

    Please verify the last 3 digits of the serial number marked on the inside of the PULSENSE device.
    Please select the same number displayed on the pairing screen of your smartphone, and press Register.

    If pairing is unsuccessful→

  5. Heart rate detection check

    Heart rate detection check

    Wear your PULSENSE.
    Heart rate detection check→

HR detection check

The heart rate monitoring will start automatically when you wear PULSENSE.

  1. Detecting your heart rate with PULSENSE.

    Detecting your heart rate with PULSENSE.

    Wear your PULSENSE so that the sensor rests firmly against your wrist.
    Your heart rate cannot be detected→
    Correct method→

  2. Ensure that the real-time meter shows your heart rate

    Ensure that the real-time meter shows your heart rate

    If your heart rate is detected correctly, the real-time meter your current heart rate.
    The heart rate information is updated every four seconds.

    If the heart rate is not displayed on the screen→