Function Operating Conditions

Which languages are supported?

  • Japanese, English, British English, French, Canadian French, German, and Traditional Chinese are supported. You can change the language setting in the PULSENSE View app or the web portal. If you change the language in the app or portal, the language on the PS-500 will automatically change to the same language.

Can I use the Pulsense device without a smartphone?

  • You’ll need a smartphone to use the PS-100. You do not need a smartphone to use the PS-500. You can use the PC Uploader software (Windows only) to upload data to the PULSENSE View web portal.

What size wristbands are available?

  • The PS-100 is available in S/M (135 to 160mm) and M/L (150 to 210mm) sizes. The PS-500 will fit a wrist circumference of 140 to 190mm.

Is there any activity the Pulsense device cannot monitor?

  • Detecting a pulse may be difficult when you lift your arms above your head, tightly grip something, or exercise vigorously.
    Note: Do not wear the device when you swim. The device is water resistant to splashes such as rain or when you wash your hands, but water from a tap or spigot may have enough pressure to compromise the water resistant feature. Do not use it where water pressure changes rapidly.

Can I use my Pulsense device on an airplane?

  • Communication between your Pulsense device and your smartphone should be disabled on an airplane. See below for instructions.
    1. ①Tap the watch face twice.
    2. ②Press the B button until you see the System menu, then press the A button.
    3. ③Press the B button until you see Power off, then press the A button. When you see Run?, press the A button. The device will turn off.

    Note: To power on your PS-500, press the A button. The screen will go on.

    1. ①Remove the Pulsense device from your wrist. The blue and orange LEDs should blink at opposite ends on the band. If they don’t, expose the pulse sensor on the back of the band to strong light or sunlight.
    2. ②Tap the LED plate until the LEDs light up in the sequence shown below.
      When you see the pattern above, the device is in Airplane Mode.
      You can confirm the PS-100 is in Airplane Mode by tapping it. Tap it once, if it displays the pattern shown below, it’s in Airplane mode.
      Note: To disable Airplane Mode, tap your PS-100 until the pattern shown above is no longer displayed.

I can't set up my Pulsense device with the PS Uploader software. What should I do?

  • Check the following:
    ▪ Make sure your Pulsense device is in its cradle, then connect it to your computer.
    ▪ Disconnect the cradle's USB cable from the computer, then reconnect it.
    ▪ Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.
  • Note:
    The PS Uploader software is only available for Windows and does not support the PS-100.

Is the Pulsense device water-resistant?

  • It is 3 BAR water-resistant, meaning it is effective against casual exposure to rain, sweat, or splashes. It is not designed to be submerged or exposed to excessive amounts of water such as when you swim or shower.