Function Activity Judge

Can I set a different range for my fat burning zone?

  • No. The zone is automatically calculated; it’s based on your profile (age) and resting pulse rate.

How does the Pulsense device determine my activity level?

  • It uses your heart rate and activity (measured by the acceleration sensor) to determine your activity level.

I changed my Target or Profile settings, but my heart rate zones (Aerobic and Fat burning) did not change. How can I fix this?

  • Stop the pulse rate monitor. The monitor will start again when you move. To stop the monitor, do one of the following:
    Remove the PS-100 from your wrist and set it on a table. Your PS-100 will automatically stop measuring your pulse rate if it has not been moved for three minutes.
    Remove the PS-500 from your wrist, then press the A button twice.
    To check if the settings are correct, open the PULSENSE View app, return to the settings menu, then tap. Your heart rate zones should be updated.