Workout Graphs (PS-600 exclusive feature)

Workout Graphs
Navigate Workouts
You can use the left and right arrows to navigate to the previous or next workout.
Delete Workouts
Deletes your Workout History.
Workout Summary
Displays workout time and calories burned.
Heart Rate Graph
Displays a graph of changes in your heart rate during a workout.
Zoom In Graph
Zooms in on the graph of your heart rate during a workout.
Zone Time
Displays how much time you spent exercising in each zone based on your heart rate.
Workout Graphs
Detailed Data
Displays the time and heart rate when you tap a point on the graph of your choosing.
Move Zoomed Area
You can move the area of the graph that is zoomed in by dragging the area box.
Change Zoom Rate
You can change the zoom rate for the graph with the (-) and (+) buttons.
Zoom Out Graph
Returns to the normal workout screen from the zoomed in graph.