Install PS Uploader

In order to synchronize your device with your PC, you first need to install the PS Uploader (software). Please follow the process below.

  1. ①Use the link below to download PS Uploader (software) onto your PC.
    *Please select your target machine and OS.
    Download from here→

    When the screen below is displayed, please select your target machine.

    PC screen

    Next, select your OS and download the software.

    PC screen
  2. ②Once the download is complete, run PSUploaderSetup1.00.EXE and start the installation process.

  3. ③Tick "I agree with the terms and conditions of use (A)" and click on "Install."

    PC screen
  4. ④After a little while, when the screen below is displayed, click on "Finish."
    *When the screen below is being displayed, the screen may become hidden behind other screens.
    The installation completion screen for PS Uploader is not displayed→

    PC screen
  5. ⑤Click on "Yes (Y)" and restart your PC. This completes the installation process.

    PC screen

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