Cancel pairing

Cancel the pairing by following the steps below.

Cancel pairing
Cancel the application pairing
Select Settings > Pairing > Cancel pairing from the application, and click the ( - ) button to delete the device under pairing.
Cancel pairing
Cancel iOS pairing
From Settings > Bluetooth, choose the PS-500 or PS-100, then tap the (i) mark on the right-hand side.
Tap Cancel the registration of this device.
Cancel pairing
Cancel Android Pairing
From Settings > Bluetooth, choose
the PS-500 or PS-100. "Do you want to disconnect" is displayed.
Click OK.
Cancel device pairing information [PS-100:]
Place the device in the charging cradle and connect the cradle to a power source, then continuously tap the device.
Pairing cancellation is successful when the LEDs flash in succession.
Cancel the device pairing information [PS-500:]
Select Menu > Bluetooth and press the (A) button.
When "Cancel Pairing - Do you want to continue?" is displayed, press the (A ) button again.