Firmware Update(PS-500 + PC)

For customers using PS-500/PS-600, please follow the steps belows to update firmware from a PC.
※To carry out the process, install the PS Uploader software and log in.
 Install PS Uploader→

  1. ① Place your device in its charging cable and connect it to your PC's USB port.

    PS Uploader
  2. ② Right-click the Pulsense View icon in the system tray and click on "Main menu."
    ※1:The Pulsense View window will be displayed.

  3. ③ Click on "Firmware update" in the new window.
    ※2:Please do not remove the device from its cradle until the process has finished.

    PS Uploader PS Uploader
  4. ④ When the update is complete, the message "Firmware update completed" will be shown on the screen.

    PS Uploader