Overview of the application

PULSENSE View uses the following information from the device to visualize the data for the day, week, and month. Exercise:: Time spent exercising Calories:: Report of calories burned and consumed Steps:: Number of steps and distance Sleep:: Sleeping time and status Mind Balance:: Excited and relaxed time

  • ExerciseExercise
  • CaloriesCalories
  • StepsSteps
  • SleepSleep
  • Mind BalanceMind Balance

In addition. the real-time meter indicates your current heart rate (updated every four seconds) and your heart rate can be monitored for a period of time(for example during exercise) by selecting the start or stop button.

  • Real-time meterReal-time meter

Using the graph view, you can review your activations on the day, week, and month.

Graph display
Resting heart rate   
Your resting heart rate is your minimum heart rate when you are relaxed, excluding while you are asleep.
In general, your heart rate during sleep is lower than your resting heart rate.
Graph display
Graph display


This product can measure your heart rate with high accuracy, but it is not a medical device.