Measures your exercise intensity, fat burning rate, and fat burning zone.
Allows you to view your objectives easily, so it can be very effective for losing weight.
(Only when using the PS-600)

display display

Displays a list of all your detailed workout results, allowing you to review them and compare them in detail.

Workout date and time / Type / Amount of time
Maximum heart rate / Average heart rate
Calories used
Total number of steps
Amount of time spent within each zone

Changes in pulse rates are represented visually on the chart by using different colors for different zones, allowing you to understand the data at a quick glance.

You can also verify the amount of time that you have stayed within a particular zone, allowing you to understand the quality of your workout and helping you to prepare your training plan for the next training session.

Real Time Display
Displays your measured pulse rate at one second intervals.
This measured pulse is categorized into different activity zones, which are defined by the relationship between your exercise intensity and fat burning efficiency. Then any activities that are performed above the fat burning zone are displayed as workouts.


0 - 40%
Warm-upLow-intensity exercise suitable for warm-up or cool down.
Example: moderate walking
40 - 70%
Fat burning zoneMid-intensity exercise for more efficient fat burning.
Example: brisk walking or jogging
70 - 80%
Aerobic zoneMid to high-intensity exercise that can be sustained over a period of time. Optimal cardiovascular training.
Example: low-intensity running
80 - 90%
Anaerobic zoneHigh-intensity exercise that can only be sustained for short period. Improves anaerobic capacity and threshold.
Example: moderate-intensity running or sprinting
90 - 100%
Maximum intensitiesMax-intensity exercise that can only be sustained for short bursts. Used by athletes for specific targeted training.
Example: high-intensity running