Helps you sleep and wake up comfortably.

Measures your pulse and records your sleeping statuses.
It also notifies you of the most appropriate wake up time that is closest to your desired wake up time.

Daily Training

As it knows your exercise intensity, it can also be used
as training for casual everyday activities.

Visualize your daily activity

Simply wear it as a watch to measure your everyday activities such as exercise, caloric balance, and sleep status based on changes in pulse and activity levels.

Increase your Workout Efficiency

By understanding your heart rate zones,
it allows you to achieve efficient and effective training.

Your Recording Partner

Allows you to visualize information related to your body
by continuously recording your pulse, whether you are
inactive or exercising.

Check your Data Any Time

Six smart screens allow you to manage
your data every day, including your daily activities
and calories used, as well as your sleep time,
mind balance, etc.