PULSENSE takes five measurements to promote a healthy lifestyle:
exercise history, calories, sleep, state of mind, and number of steps.



Displays the amount of time you have spent in heart rate zones over a day, week, or month.
This data is summarized into three zones, (above, in, and below the fat burning zone) or in more detail across five zones (warm-up, fat burning, aerobic, anaerobic, or maximum intensity).

  • TrainingTraining
  • Fat burningFat burning
  • Warm-upWarm-up


Calories burned fall into two principal categories: calories burned at rest and calories burned during exercise or other daily activities. PULSENSE displays both categories so you can understand how much your exercise contributes to calorie burning. You can also record meal data to understand the balance of calories burned and consumed.


PULSENSE monitors the quality of sleep based on body movements and heart rate. When the accelerometer is still and your heart rate falls below a certain level, PULSENSE will track your sleep patterns.
In addition when your heart rate falls further, it will also track periods of lighter and deeper sleep.
In the setting menu you can use the sleep phase wake-up alarm to get you out of bed at the optimal time, so you can start your day the right way.

  • Lighter sleepLighter sleep
  • Deeper sleepDeeper sleep


PULSENSE records the number of steps and calculates the distance traveled using the accelerometer data.
This function enables you to consciously track your general activity and exercise, so you can make small changes to become more active.