Continuously measures your activities, through your everyday life on weekdays
or during your weekend activities.

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Use it every day to visualize the changes in your minimum pulse while you sleep.
This allows you to view any changes in your physical condition across a period of a week or a month.
Use the trends in your resting pulse rate to find out the rate of progress of your training, and use this information as a reference to create an activity plan.

Note: To use this functionality you will need to wear the device while you sleep so it can measure your pulse.

Be More Active Every Day

Measures your pulse and the amount of activity that you do so that you can visualize your exercise, calories, sleep, mind balance, number of steps, etc. providing you with support for creating an activity plan.

Use Everyday Activities as Training, and then Achieve More Effective Training

Measures your pulse in real time and displays it on the device (large screen).
Provides you with support for exercising by making you aware of your exercise intensity, so even commuting to work can also be relevant to your training.
You can also use your workout history for creating future training plans.

Set Targets and Lose Weight Effectively

Your pulse provides an accurate guide to your fat burning zone.
From your target achievement rate, it verifies your standard of activity and provides you with support for creating systematic exercise plans.

Check your History Easily even without a Smartphone or PC

Can be purchased by customers who up until now have been unable to do so due to not owning a smartphone or PC.
(However, please note that you can obtain more detailed information by connecting the device to a smartphone or PC.)